Throughout the summer in Chicago, a select group of motivated and talented youth have the opportunity to discover opportunities and careers in Engineering, Architecture, Law, Business, and Journalism. In 2014, Midtown, DePaul and PRSA set out to transform the Journalism apprenticeship and educate Chicago teens on Public Relations. Meet the students and staff of the PR/Communications apprenticeship program at the Midtown Center for Boys.


Aaron Westbrook

Lead Instructor

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DePaul University

M.A., Public Relations & Advertising

Northern Illinois University

B.A., Business Marketing


Before coming to Midtown, Aaron Westbrook was always motivated to work with youth; consistently lending his time to empowering youth about goal planning and the importance of education. In 2011, Aaron Westbrook was recognized by the City of Aurora's Boys II Men organization for his community service efforts. As the recipient of the coveted IPR/KEPRRA Research Award, Aaron will be joining Ketchum, a global PR firm, in New York City after his experience here at Midtown. Mr. Westbrook is also the owner of Chicago based clothing line, Aaron Andrews Apparel.

Ben Tondera

Assistant Instructor


Northern Illinois University

M.A., Communication Studies

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

B.A., History

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Originally from Plano, Texas, Ben moved to the Chicago area in 2008 to attend the U of I. There he ultimately discovered that his passion for communications was much greater than that for history. To further enrich himself in the field, Ben enrolled in graduate school for communication studies. It was there he discovered his passion for teaching while working as a teaching assistant. That carried over to his desire to pursue teaching as a career field, and that led Ben to Midtown.

                With one semester left to complete his master’s degree, Ben looks forward to his graduation in December, and what is next for him. He aspires to be a journalist, but would also like to find time to continue working with Midtown as well.

Amir Razavi


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