Wonderful Experience at DePaul

By: Peter Pham

I came at DePaul University’s Welcome center around 9:00 am, it was kinda awkward because of how I’m the only kid wearing a Midtown uniform standing there in front of the doors alone by myself. Around 9:30, the class arrived and we went inside the building, my first time walking into DePaul’s huge campus was wonderful! Walking into the welcome center, on the glass doors it said welcome in many different languages which explains how diverse DePaul University is. We went into a room and a young  named lady Rose Montag who’s currently a junior, give our pr class a presentation about DePaul and the classes they offer for students to take. After the presentation, our tour guide (Alison Ogunmokun) gave us a tour around the huge campus. She showed us the Schmitt Academic Center, The gym, the bean, and the library; she also explain about the dorms and how beautiful it is and how DePaul has three campuses, Lincoln Park, Loop, and Suburban campuses. The Lincoln Park and Loop campus have students  going back and forth with transportation for classes almost everyday! She also showed us the classrooms at DePaul and how there are morning classes, including Friday, a day with no school for students doing internships during the school year; also the student employment office, which help students at DePaul find a job that they are good at so they could be successful in life. Ms. Alison Ogunmokun showed the building where people would go buy food and have events going on in the building, and the garden where they would have concerts for DePaul students only with maximum security all over campus to make sure everyone’s safe and no one trespassing DePaul’s campus when there’s a huge event occurring on campus.