Jusculca-Terman Blog

By: Javier Delgado

With today's early  engagement with  Jasculca-Terman and Associates, INC. Its was an interesting conversation with the president and the vice president of the company. They began to retell the story of their work,  in the company and being in such works as the Holocaust Museum in Skokie, Navy Pier located in downtown Chicago and the  Nobel Summit. The overall welcome from J.T ( Jasculca-Terman and Associates, INC.) was friendly and pleasant in which they treated me and my peers with respect and demonstrated their facilities  during their work day. We returned to their meeting area and ended the day with questions and answer, then later presented our newspaper as a gift.  Pleased with the meeting the day concluded with us walking down the stairs  as their elevator was less than reliable, i would like to  meet with them again in the future  or interning  as experience in real life application of public relations.