DePaul University Blog

By: Alex Munoz

Today, we visited DePaul University at their Lincoln Park campus. We all had to meet up there and it was a little confusing for me because I had never been there at all. Once I got off at the Fullerton Brown Line stop and saw the Welcome Center a block down. Because I was 15 minutes early, i stopped by Dunkin Donuts to get my daily iced coffee. When i met up with the other students, we went to a conference room to talk about DePaul itself. We talked about the classes, admissions, and many more things. At around 10:30, we got a tour guide who took us around the whole campus. I thought it was really cool learning about DePaul and getting to see almost everything. I really am interested in looking into DePaul as a college option. I definitely will look forward to learning about DePaul and seeing how their pre-health classes work because I am interested in physical therapy as a career.