DePaul University Blog

By: Jose Resendez

Visiting DePaul has only re-assured me that i will definitely apply there after serving in the military for 4 years and hopefully be accepted into their PR/Communications program. there is absolutely nothing i didn't enjoy about visiting the campus, well maybe the distance between the downtown campus and the one in Lincoln park. However i really enjoyed all the options they had in both academics and campus life. In academics it's split into 4 quarters which makes it “easier” to graduate up to a year earlier and get your master's degree in 5 years. Also they have a fantastic PR Program and they allow you to choose what courses you wish to take regardless of grade, obviously they still do have requirements in order for you to graduate.Campus life is also amazing with all kinds of food bars and ways to make your life their significantly simpler, also the 4 days of school days with fridays off is also an amazing part of school life they're, being that we can then get a job in order to pay off the tuition. DePaul offers exactly what i am looking for and it's in the heart of the city. Definitely a place for people interested in PR to look into.