Abuse of Domestic Labor

By: Javier Delgado

Its an establish fact that humans, have and still struggle with a supperity complex. One in which different idealism set  against another and one is set as inferior and the other as superb. This allows the SUPERIOR BEINGS to determine such things as morally and ethically acceptable ; as a result, when they  break this so called justice they are exempt from the law. These exemptions allowed for vicious brutalities throughout history one of the worst example of a superiority complex is slavery , domestic abuse and labor abuse. In Asia those this issue is extremely prominent, as the labor industry, such as maids are extremely abused. Some of these women experienced being punished for unfavorable conduct by being thrown boiling water,whipping, and beatings.The conditions these women live in deplorable and degrading , some of these workers make an estimated 9 dollars a month. With 52 domestic labor workers world wide it should be a priority that we as minorities , help the proletarian class. by helping the whole we help the individuals.