Are the Doritos Really Loaded?

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the latest in Doritos experimentation: “Doritos Loaded.” Just when you thought the “Doritos Locos Tacos” were creative enough, they’ve pushed it even further. Doritos Loaded arrived just a few weeks ago, you can bet I have already stuffed my face with more than I can count.

What seemed to be a hit-or-miss fast-food snack (I’m not sure if this can even be considered food) is sold exclusively at 7-Eleven and is already very popular with 7-Eleven goers. This clever on-the-go treat makes it the perfect snack to accompany the Slurpee you would usually have for breakfast—I’m assuming I can’t be the only one who has a Slurpee every morning. Anyway, just don’t let the name fool you: Doritos Loaded isn’t exactly loaded, but rather small.

When I walked inside my local 7-Eleven for my breakfast Slurpee, I noticed the new Doritos product was advertised everywhere, with an emphasis on it being exclusively sold here. I came across the actual snacks— they were just sitting there, in their cute little red boxes. They had a distinct, strong smell—picture the smell of Doritos dipped in too much nacho cheese—but I found it strangely intriguing. I told myself I might as well have a morning snack to go with my Slurpee, and gave in to the temptation.

I asked for a box and when it was handed to me, studied it carefully. The box contained four Doritos shaped into perfect triangles, encrusted with Doritos nacho cheese flavor, which I found quite promising. I grabbed one and started munching on it. The cheese inside didn’t exactly look like the delicious oozing cheese that was advertised, which was disappointing, but I wasn’t entirely surprised. The yellow stuff inside is supposed to be a combination of melted cheddar, American, and Romano cheese, only it didn’t taste as flavorful as it sounds. It simply tasted like the standard cafeteria mozzarella cheese stick, which I still happen to like, all the same.

I don’t believe it lived up to all the hype, but it’s not all that bad. Doritos Loaded has a good taste to it, and I loved the authentic Doritos flavor! Sure, it’s not the healthiest looking snack—and my stomach did rumble a bit when I was done devouring them—but is there really anything that’s healthy at 7-Eleven? This is a considerable option when you’re not in the mood for a 7-Eleven hot dog, or a slice of pizza. At $1.99 for a box of four, Doritos Loaded is enough to get any 7-Eleven customer addicted. As ridiculous as it may seem, Doritos Loaded is something you can’t hate on until you try it.