The Ten Aces

by Olajuwon Osinaike

At Midtown, the apprentices are given the option to coach kids in the younger programs. Even though it is my first year here at Midtown, I took it upon myself to be a good role model and influence these kids to do well in their academics and athletics.

During lunch I volunteer to coach a very talented group of kids that I call the “Ten Aces”. The 10 kids that I coach have individual nicknames that relate to each of them. Let’s sound off, shall we. We have Afa, Pyro, Red, Lil Red, Scuba, Prophet, Diego, Scribble, Lookout, and Walkie-Talkie. I made up these nicknames because of the way they act, play, their names or simply the shirt they were wearing at the time. They may all be individuals but they play together as if they have known each other for years. They support each other and are always active in what they do. To me, they are “some of the best kids I’ve ever met or will meet”.

- Ola