America's Pastime

by Marc Anthony Cruz

Despite what peoples thoughts are about baseball, I believe it is the best sport in the world. Baseball requires quick reflexes, endurance, and it requires you to use your mind more than any other sport in the world. Every sport requires you to keep pushing yourself to make that last point or run that last mile; to keep yourself going.

Baseball requires you to use your brain in a situational way and you only have a second, maybe two, to figure out what your role is in the play. For example, you’re the third baseman and the ball is hit to left field and there’s a runner on his way to third base. You have about a second to yell to left field, direct him to the ball, and tell him where to throw the ball after he fields it. Since there’s a runner going to third, you would yell “SHOOT THREE!” and he would throw to you. In a split second you have to determine if you should tag him or throw to home and let the catcher tag him out.

Seems like a mental game right? That’s only one of a thousand possible situations that can happen and you always have to think on your feet to make that out. Baseball is far from what many perceive to be a boring game. Anything can happen in a second and one error can determine the outcome of the game.