Baltazar Aguirre is 15 and is an incoming sophomore at DRW College Prep. He was born on May 14th of 1999. In middle school, he became side-tracked and cared very little for anything. As he was entering high school, he had an epiphany and realized how important education was and how friends and the teenage nonsense weren’t going to get him anywhere. He then started becoming more involved with school work. Consequently, he’s gotten good grades; However, none of this was ever enough for him, and as a result, he wanted to strive for more. He found Midtown this year, and he became very glad with the experience he has had here so far. He picked the journalism apprenticeship to improve his public-speaking skills, since he was socially awkward, and he wanted to learn writing skills. He is overly obsessed with vintage, British accents, Japanese culture/anime, and his idols. Lizzy Grant, or otherwise known by her stage name, Lana Del Rey, and Marina Lambrini Diamandis, as Marina and The Diamonds, made him realize how much he appreciates 60’s culture. His first anime as a kid was Sailor Moon, and he fell in love with anime. He says his idols and music saved his life, and because of them, he wants to change many peoples' live around him and help them. He is still sad about Kurt Cobain and Amy Whinehouse’s death, but he will forever appreciate their impact on his life. Email him for any questions, blog ideas, and just to stay in touch: