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 Alex Munoz

Alex Munoz

Born on October 12, 1998 as the youngest of three, Alex Munoz began his life living in the Albany Park neighborhood in Chicago, IL. Throughout his whole life, Alex grew up living in the North side of the city, and now lives in a neighborhood called Portage Park. Switching schools three different times was tough for him, especially making news friends and meeting new people. After graduating from Portage Park Elementary in 2013, he enrolled into Holy Trinity High School where his brother had graduated from back in 2012.

Alex has grown up to become a very hard worker especially in his favorite sport, soccer. He started playing soccer at the age of four and still plays to this day. Now at the age of 15, Alex has had many opportunities to show off his soccer skills in national tournaments in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Minnesota. He has a huge dream, which is to become a professional soccer player. Alex is very determined and is a great leader on his team; he hopes to continue to be captain until he goes to college.

Like many kids, Alex has faced many struggles in life. From being forced to move out of his house, to losing the person who meant the most to him, his grandfather. In April of 2013 he had received news that his grandfather had passed away. He was devastated but his grandfather had impacted his life in a positive way by giving him life lessons that he continues to live by today. He plays every one of his soccer games as if they were his last. What motivates him the most is very simple: his family and friends. It’s his way of repaying everyone for what they did for him. Whether showing up at his birthday party, helping him with tough situations or simply to give back.

Alex plans to go to college and play soccer. He has high interest in the University of Akron but still isn’t sure where he wants to go. He looks up to many people, especially his 20 and 25 year old brothers. They have shown him that hard work does pay off. When he grows up, he wants to open up a charity for kids who are disabled. He feels that they don’t get the opportunity to be happy, and that’s what he wants to give them. Alex knows he has a huge life in front of him, and is confident that he can make it to the big leagues and reach his biggest goal of becoming a soccer legend.